About the Book

Less than a year from the dreaded 4-O and rarely getting beyond a first date – let alone first base – born and bred New Yorker, foodie and wine-loving Adriana Cassidy is divorced and stuck in a dead-end job. Major panic is setting in at the prospect of being single forever and the thought that nothing good will ever happen to her again.

When a mysterious letter arrives summoning her to Italy, she defies her mother’s wishes to never set foot in the country of her ancestors under the threat of never being spoken to again. Adriana is determined to uncover the deep, dark family secret and in the process falls under the spell of Tuscany and the charm of two devastatingly handsome men – the dashing and carefree Alessandro and the worldly and erudite Paolo. When her ex-husband unexpectedly makes a reappearance, Adriana finds herself at a crossroads and must decide whether to continue living on the safe side or make a drastic change that will for always alter the course of her life.

Will moving to Italy to run an inn and cooking school, and falling in love be a recipe for disaster or will it be just the right ingredients for the adventure of a lifetime?

A novel about second chances at love and happiness for anyone who has ever wished they could drop everything and run away to Tuscany to start over.

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